The remedy


He was asleep, looked so peaceful, his hand under the back of his head, his pillow tucked under his elbow. She touched his cheek very slightly, following the sharp edges of his chin, going up to his brows, thick, beautiful brows, not believing her luck. Only two months ago she was single, longing for love and look at her now! Answering to the name of Mrs. Smith!

They met while reading an ad during their ride home on the subway.

“Do you love alcohol? Are you a couple? Researchers at GSU are conducting a study to explore the effects of alcohol on relationships. Call 555-555-5555 if interested. Participants can earn $10-100 each.” The poster was on one of the subway doors. A beautiful, icy glass of Margarita, like a promise of a good time, was pictured on the background of the announcement.

‘I can tell you plenty about the effect of alcohol on single people’, she thought to herself. She stole a glimpse of her reflection in the subway window. She thought she is not bad looking, her eyes still luminous, in spite of the growing dark circle underneath.

She paid no attention to the man who took a seat next to her. She paid no attention to him staring at her, obviously interested, not knowing how to start a conversation.

“I could talk quite a bit about the effect of alcohol on single men” he said.

She looked at him. He was smiling at her. He wasn’t what she’d call handsome, maybe because of the thick lines cutting deep into his tanned face, maybe because of the yellowish color of his eyes. But there was something about him that made her comfortable enough to say:
“I was thinking exactly the same thing!”
“So, what do you think?” he asked, an amused flickering light in his eyes bringing back a memory of their long lost bright color. “They lock up one couple at a time in a room, get them drunk and observe behaviors through a one-way mirror?”

She laughed and he asked if she’d like to go together and find out what’s all about.

That’s how it all happened. Call it chance; call it destiny. However you may call it, it came right on time. It shut up her mother – how are you EVER gonna’ find someone? – it shut up all her mother’s sisters – you are gonna’ end up just like Aunt Simone! The long nights spent on the couch on her own watching romantic movies are over.

He opened his eyes, blinking confused at the sight of her, then breaking into a tender smile: “Good morning Mrs. Smith!” He reached for the whisky bottle on the night stand next to the bed. “Today it’s going to be another gorgeous day!”


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