A matter of perspective

I am looking at this beautiful young man, a little jealous for his youth, in awe of his beauty. His skin is black, sweat is dripping from his head down his neck, making his skin shiny. His arms are muscular, his shoulders are bright, and his back contracts rhythmically. He’s working out, following the music beat, away from the Now, into his own moment. I am looking at him wondering how would it be to be him.

Done. Water, I need some water. The gym is quiet at this hour of the day. Only this guy, staring. His blue eyes are rather empty, I wonder what’s he thinking. Oh, I shouldn’t forget to pay my fees on my way out. Maybe I’ll ask Ben to lend me some money. What is this guy doing? He’s sitting down, still staring at me. How did he get in such a good shape if that’s all he’s doing? Some people, they just have it all.

I see the beautiful young man peeking at me, probably feeling uncomfortable because of my staring. I wish I could stop, but he is just hypnotizing. He must be in his twenties, he looks so free of worries, so fresh and alive! Oh, sometimes I wish I could go back in time and live that life without worry once more. I wish I could live that life with a consciousness that it will end, aware of every moment I wouldn’t have to care.

Maybe I should go talk to him. He seems lost. Who knows what’s eating him….Beautiful hair. Beautiful eyes, the way he looks at me, a little dreamy, look at that skin! Pale, distinguished, melancholic, probably rich. Ah, I shouldn’t forget to pay my fees! I hope Ben can lend me the money. I’ll worry about rent later. I might skip that dinner party tomorrow.

I had enough. I sit up and walk away. I will never know what the worry-free life is like anymore.



5 thoughts on “A matter of perspective

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