Of fathers and daughters

I am looking at her, the way she comes down the stairs, wearing this lovely golden dress, the way she puts one foot in front of the other, paying attention to each step, as if she could fall anytime, unaware of her striking beauty. She has a light frown between her eyebrows, the sign she’s got something on her mind.
“Hi, Daddy” she was right in front of me now. “What’d you think?”
“You look beautiful, my dear!”
“I think I might have chosen the wrong color, look, this golden color makes me look kinda pale, don’t you think?” “I should’ve listen to mom when she said I should wear somethin’ purple, goes better with my skin”.
“You look beautiful, Anita” “You can’t go wrong no matter what color you choose”.
She’s smiling, patting my cheek.
“If anyone could see me through your eyes, Dad…””Is Claude already here?”
“Who’s Claude?” I ask
“Daaaad, please don’t start again! You know, you break my heart each time you do this!”
I wish she was not my daughter, I wish I didn’t have to let her go, it felt so strange to see her transform at his sight, a twenty year old like any other twenty year old, so common, so usual, so not good for her!
“OK, OK, I was just kiddin'”.
“There is something I wanted to talk to you about”, she says.
“Yeah?” I don’t know how to avoid it, I pretend I hear my phone ringing. “Give me a minute, would you?”
She’s reaching for my phone, takes it and puts it away.
“No, Dad, THIS can wait””Why don’t you take a sit?”
I sigh. The inevitable is inevitable. I sit down.
“I am thinking of moving in with Claude”.
I sigh again.
“Aren’t you too young for that?” I already know the answer, I already know there is nothing I can do.
“You know this question doesn’t make any sense, don’t you?”
“But do you want to live on his back, you have no income”.
“I have my allowance, and my scholarship, think of it as if I’d live off campus, sharing an apartment”.
“I guess I cannot change your mind, can I?”
“No, Dad, and I’d be so much more happier if you just let me go”.
I sigh. I cannot believe we are having this conversation already.


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