The zzzzzzing closet – continued

The door squeaks, tziiiiiii, and the annoying zzzzzzz is getting louder. The hair on the back of my neck is stubbornly coming up, although I pretend to be brave. I keep opening the door, very very very slowly.

Nothing. I can see nothing inside. There is a blue light in the closet, coming from nowhere. And the zzzzzzz continues.

I step inside. The closet door closes with a Bang! I am definitely scared endlessly.

My closet is pretty big, it is one of these walk-in closets, with clothes hanging from above and shoes neatly arranged on shelves on the floor. It does have a light; it is a bulb over the closet door, which can be turned on by pulling a string. There is room to walk around and look at the clothes and shoes – I always liked being in there, it is sort of peaceful. That is, always but now.

The zzzzzzz is still there, and there is blue light. The closet light bulb is off, the blue light must come from somewhere else. I look around and see nothing…wait! There is something behind one of the coats. I walk toward the Something, pull the coat aside…and see it! Oh my, what a surprise!

I wake up. Sherlock is still on.

Weekly writing challenge – Cliffhanger!

2 thoughts on “The zzzzzzing closet – continued

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