The zzzzzzing closet

I am watching Sherlock. Delightful. I’m thinking


should be THE women, as I am witty, smart and beautiful.

My cats are next to me. Watching, napping, purring.

The night is settling, the movie done, the inevitable end of the day is in sight.

There is a little zzzzzzz, annoying zzzzzzz, coming from somewhere in the house. I’m getting up, with my ears ready to intercept, moving purposefully adrift, trying to identify the source of that noise. After a while I am looking at my closet. It zzzzzes. Not very loudly, but constantly. There is a blue light coming from underneath. And it zzzzzes.

I wish I was this


but instead I am this


I reach for the closet door, and open it very very slowly…

TO BE CONTINUED – Sylvester Stallone picture from daily post

Weekly writing challenge – Cliffhanger!


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