I go home every now and then.

I open the entrance door; it is the back door, but it is the one I use all the time.

The hallway is quite narrow, painted an oily yellow, with an oily brown line in the middle. It is long. If you go to the right, follow the brown line, turn left, past the door to the pantry, you find the kitchen. The kitchen is fairly big, square, with a kitchen table that can fit up to eight people if brought in the middle. It usually stands against one of the walls, the one with the radiator.

My mother is in there, cooking, smoking, and solving crosswords. She tells me to taste some of the cakes she is making. I lick the bowl clean.

At the other end of the hallway is the living room. Very spacious, with big windows covered by transparent curtains. The dining table is black and massive. It is covered by a green table cloth. The chairs are black, massive, with a green tapestry. The couch is green, and stands against the French doors going to my parents’ bedroom.

My father sits in one of the armchairs facing the television. He is watching Sleepless in Seattle. One of his favorites. He doesn’t see me go by, into my room.

My room is next to the living room, with windows facing the street. My sister and I share a bed. It is an extendable couch. The table against the window is our desk. It has a secret drawer on each side. The one on the right is mine, the one on the left is my sister’s. We hide all our treasures there. Cigarettes, diaries, pictures, sweets.

I hear my brother coming home. He uses the main entrance, the one leading straight to his room. His room is next to mine and my sister’s. I can get into his room by using the door behind the extendable bed. My parents wouldn’t know, and we can share a cigarette together. He is telling me about his life. My sister is knocking on the window, she is using my brother’s entrance, just to join us for a cigarette before letting my parents know she’s home. The night is settling and we all prepare for dinner.

I go home every now and then.


I have written this long ago for the daily prompt, but thought it would be suitable for the Weekly challenge this week


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